Getting Started

If you do not have a current alarm system of any kind in your house, a Panic pack may be installed as a stand alone panic system with a siren and 2 remotes.  This system can be expanded later if you require further alarms on the property as it’s the basic core of an alarm system.

The remotes have a 50m range but this can be affected by buildings, trees etc.  There is an option of a 500m range remote for an additional charge for this receiver and 2 remotes.

If you already have an existing alarm system, then all that is required is for a signal to be installed into the existing alarm.

If you already have a panic alarm system with another organization and wish to change, then we are happy to discuss and waiver part of the monthly payments that you have already paid, until the takeover.

There is a link available where you can read the agreement and possibly sign up if you are interested or you can complete the forms that we have at the Security Shop at Lewisam, Harare. For any further information please contact Buster on 0714 026 326.

We look forward to having you as part of the PJM Response family.