PJM Rescue Boat

PJM Rescue Boat Services was started as my father and his friend suffered a tragic accident on the lake in the Sayanti West area at around 0900 hrs. At the time of the accident numerous calls were made to all the obvious places of assistance nearby resorts, lake safety, radio distress and medical air rescue services none of which were able to assist in any form of immediate assistance. By last light at day end a medical air evacuation plane arrived and transported the injured parties to Harare by which time all manner of complications had set in, the recovery process was complicated with numerous major surgeries ultimately resulting in amputation of his left leg and eventual passing some years later.

Minutes save lives. Considering this incident, we have converted a Cobra Cat into a full medical and emergency rescue boat equipped with Basic and Advanced life support equipment ready for use in the event of similar emergencies encountered on the lake. In addition to medical emergencies a team of local Kariba experts are on call to cater for mechanical breakdowns and emergency evacuations and recovery. The boat is equipped with basic fire fighting equipment should we be close enough to assist which proved its worth during the 2023 International Tiger fishing tournament where a houseboat caught fire and we fortunate enough to be in the area to assist and prevent the fire from engulfing the entire boat

The boat is manned by resident doctors, medics, captains and crew who are called upon in the event of an emergency and paid per call out. The boat is moored at Struik Marineland and remains in the water ready for use.

The boat itself is a Cobra cat converted specially for the task with 2 x 115 Johnson motors, Garmin radar for navigation, radio and satellite tracking. Top speed is 55kms /hr with a fuel carrying capacity of 300 liters.

Prior to the launching of the PJM Rescue Boat the team has attended to three serious incidents two at night and one man overboard during daylight hours. Although we were able to assist in all cases the feed back has been that a properly equipped boat fit for the purpose would have ben better and safer

The maintenance of the boat, running costs and crew renumeration however does need to be covered and thus we believe we have come up with a fair pricing structure based on a membership fee structure. This structure caters for individuals, houseboats and lodges and camps. The structure is flexible enough to ensure you only pay memberships for the time you are on the lake and regarding houseboats and lodges who may selectively pay for the busy months only and not be tied in annual commitments.
Once off nonmember calls are not encouraged but will be attended to at a minimum of $2500 per call.

At this stage the Harare PJM response 24 hr. control room will co ordinate all activities www.pjmresponse.com

In the event of a call the Captain and Doctor will have the final say. The standard procedure will the stabilizing of the patient, transport them to the nearest air filed for Ace Air to take over or to transport the patient back to Kariba and be admitted to the Kariba Clinic and medical Centre for treatment and stabilization. Although many are already signed up for air evacuation the gap between rescue from the lake to the nearest airfield and stabilization of the patient until the plane arrives is still required remembering air evacuation is not available at night which leaves a large window that the patient will require assistance

This project is designed to be for Kariba to benefit the residents and provide a safer environment for all using the lake. Regretfully this does have associated costs and thus the membership structure. Having said this should you find yourself in a position to sponsor all or part of the service we are open for discussion at all levels.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and should these be any further questions or queries please feel free to contact me directly on WhatsApp +263779762924

Patrick Mallon

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