Option 10 street watch camer tower with three cameras self monitored by members ( per three months )



Although street watch patrol systems are a good deterrent it is often the case that when an incident happens the guard is at the other end of the road visiting the ablutions, asleep or attending to another incident

A street CCTV pillar is an ideal product to complement the existing street security or as a standalone service. It’s an excellent deterrent records all the events that takes place and never sleeps
The CCTV pillar is branded with the required warnings and may be branded with your logo or neighborhood watch. A maximum of three cameras per pillar. The cameras are smart with full color day and night audio and voice warnings with a built in spot light function.
Pillars are installed on the verge preferably taking power and internet service within a 100m cable range from the nearest member’s house. The position of the pillar requires careful selection ensuring good security coverage as well as a hose with good internet and power

Access to the cameras is via authorized pass words for you’re paid up members who have contributed. Monitoring is self-monitored by the members who have access or via the PJM control room which attracts a further charge

The system is hired out per three months and payable in advance.

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