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Terms and Conditions
• Paid up temporary members will incur no further costs for the emergency call out. Additional costs will apply for air road and hospital doctor chemist towing.
• The membership cover is for one callout per member for the period of the membership
• Membership is not transferable to a third party

• Please note: Air evacuation is not available to anyone weighing greater than 130kg.
• Additional; charges may apply where there is a deemed to be significant previous medical history. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Medical Director at PJM Medical.
• PJM Medical reserves the right to claim through the member’s medical aid.
• This Membership Package will activate immediately after acceptance of the application and subsequent confirmation of payment.
• The Company shall not be liable for any benefit arising under this Membership Package that occurs prior to receipt of the payment.
• In the event of the Company not accepting membership fees, the membership will be suspended from the date that the premium became due. The Emergency Call Centre will still attend in an emergency, however fees for services provided will be the responsibility of the individual.
• The Company reserves the right to ask for proof of payment at any time. Such proof must be to the Company’s satisfaction.
• Evacuation will only be undertaken after confirmation of validity of membership.
• The Company will not reimburse any member for any services that have not been authorised by the Company.
• Upon cancellation of membership, fees are not refundable.
• The final decision as to whether there is an indication for evacuation will rest with the Medical Director.
• The mode of transport will be decided by the Medical Director in conjunction with the Captains, Flight Operations Manager.
• Client agrees that Medical Evacuation will be to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility as determined by the Medical Director.
• Water land and Air Evacuation is only conducted after the appropriate regulatory approvals have been obtained. As such, this may be subject to lengthy delays as a consequence which may result in delays, which are outside of the Company’s control.
• Water, land, Air Evacuations may be limited to daylight operations, weather conditions, availability of a suitable vessel vehicle airstrip and availability Medical Evacuations are not available in areas with political disturbances.
• By entering the membership Package Subscription, each member consents to the sharing of personal data with their usual medical provider.
• It is accepted that Members shall not hold the Company liable for any loss or damage as a result of inability of the Company to attend immediately or at all by reason of the fact that its ambulances are occupied at other medical emergencies. In which case, other transfers may be used.
• The Company reserves the right to engage with and make use of alternative Service Providers if and when there is availability, where the Company is unable to attend with its usual resources. This does not guarantee that alternative providers will attend, and the Member accepts the risks associated.


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